With us, you will find a wide range of services that will be beside you in each part of your planning process (all of which supported with a rich directory of renowned professional wedding suppliers.)

It’s all about you! It’s your day! It’s your choice to pick!

Our Wedding Services -You can choose to get an all inclusive wedding service comprehensive all of our services on our FULL EXPERIENCE package or choose from one of the following options depending on your needs:


Wedding Planning & Coordination

Our Wedding planning & coordination service is part of our FULL EXPERIENCE® service. Takes care of every aspect: planning, organization, logistics, pampering and the wedding day coordination.
We listen to your dreams, ideas and desires so that we can then project a wedding design tailored to suit you perfectly according to your needs, budget and time.(All of our services will be adapted to suit you).
It’s all about YOU and YOUR wedding!
 choose, we just execute and coordinate. This way you will be able to RELAX and enjoy what matters, while we will be behind the scenes, working hard to ensure that your wedding design comes out according to your dreams and be ready on time.

We want your wedding to be just perfect! Special and unique, leaving you with cherished memories to treasure for a life-time.


Wedding Coordination

Want to plan your wedding on your own, but just need help coordinating and managing vendors on your wedding day?
Want someone reliable and experienced to be there on your wedding day to solve eventual problems and cracks, and make sure nothing is left aside?
Then this is the option for you!
This package was created to give you a stress free wedding day so you and your loved ones will only have fun, relax and enjoy every moment of your special day.

It’s a one month service (minimum) before your wedding day.


Wedding Consultation + Coordination

Do you enjoy planning and want to plan your wedding but just need direction?
Want to make sure that everything has been thought of? Do you want someone to coordinate and manage wedding vendors so you and your family can be stress-free? Then this option is the right one for you!
This service package was created for someone just like you! Want to do the planning on your own, but want to make sure important details haven’t been overlooked but most important is that you want to make sure you and your loved ones will only relax and enjoy the wedding day instead of having to manage vendors and everything that’s going on.


Wedding Consultation

This service was created for couples who only need a professional direction while planning your wedding. We will help you with our professional point of view and know how. This service helps you avoid expensive mistakes and stress while you are planning your wedding. This service is offered only by our senior wedding planner.


 Wedding Design

Our Wedding Design Studio is all about decor. For couples that want to create a totally personalized wedding design from scratch.


Along with our desire to create a beautiful and meaningful wedding for you, we also aim to make it a exciting, joyful and memorable planning process for each one of our clients. We do know and realize that some clients will enjoy being part of the entire process while others will prefer us to “handle it”; Some clients know exactly what they want, while others have no idea on how they want their wedding style to be. Whatever your personality, rest assured, we will find the right solutions for you and we will give you a total planning experience. Most of all, you will have a fabulous time! Both: during the planning process and on your wedding day.