Luxur Weddings & Events can also carry over to the engagement party, the bridal showers, the stag party, indeed any event that celebrates you as a couple from before the wedding, to the wedding day itself and even in the days to follow.

Together we can brainstorm ideas to develop a program for an unique and unforgettable event.
Tailored to your requests.

We’ll work together with the development of ideas, the planning and the creation of an unique stylefor each one of our clients events. We like to create the perfect atmosphere on each event, reflecting the requirements, wishes and personality of our client.
Taking in consideration every detail and the type of the event.

Depending on the type of event, the program of it, the available budget and the concept of our clients requests, we offer creative solutions for all types of locations. We work with already chosen locations from our clients, or we can suggest and book the appropriate type of location for your event.

We consider each event unique! We strive to create original and creative event programs & party concepts with detailed elements, surprise factors, and amusement for the guests.
Our goal is to create original and unforgettable experiences during you events, for you, your family and your guests!