Our Wedding Planning service takes care of every aspect that completes the wedding YOU want (or  have always wanted!). We listen attentively to your dreams, ideas and desires so that we can then project a wedding design tailored to suit you perfectly according to your needs, budget and time.(All of our services can be modified to suit you). It’s all about YOU and YOUR wedding! YOU choose, we just execute and coordinate. This way you will be able to RELAX and enjoy what matters, while us behind the scenes will be working to ensure that your wedding design comes out according to your dreams and be ready on time.

We want your wedding to be just perfect! Special and unique, leaving you with cherished memories to treasure for a life-time.


We will give you answers to all your doubts and uncertainties based on our expertise and find solutions to eventual troubles and obstacles that get on the way, with professionalism,
creativity and always a smile on our faces.

Everybody can organize and plan an event! Giving life to dreams, and
create unforgettable emotions is the art of just a few….
Our selected and qualified wedding planners can do that for you!

Organizing a wedding can be a very time consuming and stressful activity. Often work and other commitments tend to get in the way making things even more difficult (especially if you are getting married outside the city or country you live in).

We are specialized in organizing, designing and creating Unique Unforgettable Weddings!

The years of experience in the field allow us to have a rich acquainted directory of professional vendors and fantastic venues for your ceremony, banqueting and accommodation.