Our team is composed of true passionate wedding specialists: wedding planners, wedding designers, wedding florists, event coordinators, graphic designers, fashion stylists & image consultants. Our common denominator? The true passion about what we do and our love for weddings. More than a team of wedding specialists, we are a family.


The selected planners of our Luxur Family are dedicated on tailoring totally personalized Weddings !


Once upon a time…

Luxur Weddings & Events was born in Italy and founded by an expat, who wanted to help couples from abroad to make their dream of getting married in Italy possible. Founder, as a foreigner living in Italy for years, understood clearly the way foreigners felt when asking for quotations in a different language and not knowing first hand the local ways & costumes. She knew it could be frustrating for couples not being understood or not understanding perfectly what vendors were offering or saying.

In the attempt of making things different and bringing the wedding planner culture to another country, she started this adventure that fortunately has lasted for over 10 years now. That is why, Luxur Weddings & Events is known for their expertise on Destination Weddings: incoming and outgoing. We have helped plan and coordinate weddings & events all around the globe, literally.

Thanks to the trust of our former and present clients, we’ve expanded and now we have headquarters also in Mexico. This makes it possible to give our clients an outstanding service in both European time and American time, plus the advantage of having a wedding planner on both sides of the ocean, walking with you through all the planning process and the wedding day coordination.

As you can imagine, our main destinations for incoming destination weddings are indeed Italy & Mexico. So you can trust our team to help you plan your destination wedding anywhere in these two gorgeous countries.


Now a days…

We thrive to be better each day and continously are attending workshops, conventions, fam trips and coaching courses that keep us updated with trends, wedding education and keeping up with the fast pace of the wedding industry. So you can be sure of one thing: if we are not planning a wedding (or your wedding) we are traveling around to get to know breath taking spots for YOU!

We like investing in our constant education and are part of well known international wedding associations. We know it’s not easy to give in hand to a total stranger the outcome of one of the most important days of your lifes, so we are keen of giving you the confidence you are in good hands.


That little extra…

the difference between ordinary and extraordinary
Luxur Style

Our goal: take care of all the needs that our clients have on logistics, design, structures, etc, through a carefully reviewed planning process. Making the planning process an exquisite adventure and a memorable experience.

Who said planning a wedding had to be all-that-hard work for the bride and groom? 😉 When all you need is a professional wedding planner!

Our Mision: We want to get to know YOU both! We know that everything begins with understanding our client’s personalities, lifestyles and dreams. We think that is the only way to be able to design your wedding just the way you picture it.

Our Ethic code: Honesty, transparency, leadership by example, respect to the staff working with us, our vendors and our clients, social responsibility, integrity. We love working with people that share our vision and ethics.

Our Vendors: We carefully select our collaborating vendors. All our collaborating vendors share our vision, ethics, professional standards and give outstanding services with the highest quality. What’s most important? They share the love and passion for weddings and they, too, aim to make you and your guests cherish every second of your wedding… with long lasting experiences that will leave an imprint on all of you.

We like to go beyond common standards. We pay attention to details, creativity and personal style. For us is like an orchestra concert, that has to have a extraordinary director for an extraordinary result.


Our team comes with a worldwide wealth of experience and artistry in wedding & event planning. We will build your dreams into foundations and customize our services based on YOUR needs. For us, every couple is unique so we create tailored wedding projects based on your vision, dreams, desires, personality and demands. We will be there beside you every step of the way to create your very own unique Wedding- no matter what size or what kind of wedding you want.


Let us listen… let us start making your dreams a reality!
Because if you can dream about it, we can will make it happen!