It’s all about design. Tailored design.

We aim to provide creative direction on a totally personal level, where each client can experience individual attention and a detailed, tailored wedding design.

Our wedding design studio staff includes: professional florists, interior designers, architects, fashion designers. Together, with you, we will create a tailored design based on your personal style, your desires and your chosen venue.

Designer Weddings

Our designer wedding service includes a one on one meeting so you can tell us all the ideas you have in your head, the style you want to give your wedding so that we can translate all those ideas into a reality. Then we go on inspection site to your chosen venue where we take photos and measurements so that we can make a personalized wedding design. Unique, just for you. From scratch.

Our designer wedding service includes a full decor set up on the venue with all the elements you will be needing for decoration, atmosphere creation and conceptualization. (Lighting design, florals, fabrics, furniture, etc). At the end of the event, we will come back and take down all our set ups.

*If you hire our FULL EXPERIENCE package, our wedding design service is included. 


Our Wedding Design Studio also offers services for Flower design and bouquet design.

 Flower Design

Our Flower Design service includes everything that is about flowers: flower arrangements, flower decorations, flower centerpieces, flower bouquets. With any kind of flowers you want.

Designer Bouquets

Want  a total personalized bouquet? we can do that for you too!

Our designer bouquets are made of anything you want and mostly, our designs are forever! We are specialized on couture bouquets made out of paper flowers, fabric flowers, or both. We can add touches of natural flowers as well. Our designer bouquets are hand made and inspired in you, your hair styling, dress and personal taste. And the final touches that we give, are haute couture. and Unique. No one else will have the same design. ever.

Same thing for our designer Boutonnieres.

and yes, you can hire our wedding design services without needing to hire our wedding planning services. 😉