FULL EXPERIENCE is about the whole planning experience.

Live a total planning experience while planning your wedding! It’s all about you! It’s your choice! It’s your point of view! We only get a chance to tell your story…

Because for us it is important that YOU enjoy not only your wedding day, we’ve created a all-inclusive service that goes beyond your imagination!

our main goal
For us, it is important that the planning process is full of experiences, emotions and memorable events, that you will have to treasure, enriching what you will be living the day of the wedding.

Not only will you be enjoying every instant of your wedding without a hastle and without stress, but also the whole process while planning the wedding will be fun, stress-free and rich of uncountable emotions.

The FULL EXPERIENCE® service offers you an infinity of choices and advantages, so that you will have everything and beyond what you’ve always wanted.


Investing in a Full Experience package, is not only smart, but a great asset. It includes all of our wedding services in one package: wedding planning + wedding consultation + wedding design + wedding coordination.

Plus, we have 3 different levels for you to choose from. You can ask for our full brochure on our Full Experience service.

Just email us at: info@luxurweddings.com