We make everything tailored to you. Everything.

There are two options of planning proceedures.

Wedding Planning + Coordination Service

After an initial complimentary meeting with you, where you tell us about your visions, ideas, dreams and demands, we can proceed on making an initial detailed and personalized proposal on the wedding planning services and vendors you will be needing. We will tell you about our wedding planning packages and you will tell us the services or packages you are interested in.

Upon hiring us, we will proceed on all the planning procedures:


  • We will ask you to fill out our “Priority List” cheat sheet. Our priority list is divided in 3: bride’s priorities, groom’s priorities and as a couple. That way we can pamper both of you. Then we will ask all the services you want and then we will take in consideration all the services you didn’t take in consideration that you might be needing.
  • Together with you, we will search and find the perfect location or scenario for your wedding (of course, taking in consideration the style you want and the type of venue you desire). We can work with a previous selected location too.
  • Based on the priority list cheat sheet, we will proceed on suggesting vendors for each category (photography, video, catering, etc) based on what is most important to you and what is least important. There is always a “I can’t do without this or that” or a “This is a must in our wedding” to take in consideration.
  • Taking in consideration your priority list, the selected venue, the wedding vendor services and the number of guests you are expecting, we will build a budget plan.
  • YOU choose the vendors you want. Either upon inspection site (that is, if you live abroad and you are coming for an inspection site) or through emails. Then we block all the vendors you need to secure the date.
  • After blocking most important vendors, then we will proceed with all the other details… 😉
  • We will spend a lot, and we do mean A LOT of time exchanging mails, reaching out through telephone and in person if you come down and visit to the destination. All through the planning process.
  • On the wedding day, we will be behind the scenes taking care of all what has been planned and making sure everything goes according to plan.


  • Upon hiring us, same thing will happen with priority list. You will fill it out.
  • If you want to stick to a budget: we will proceed to narrow down the vendors to suggest you for you to choose from based both on priority list and budget.
  • We will do all different arrangements on a budget plan, with comparative results, so you can choose the best option for you. Always taking in consideration all your needs and sticking to your budget.
  • We will work without stop until we find the right solution for you, until you are happy with what you see.
  • After approving budget plan and vendors, we will then proceed with the rest of the planning and deciding all other details.

Wedding Coordination

When hiring us for only the wedding coordination, we will meet up one month prior to the wedding to:

  • Review all vendor contracts and take note of all the things vendors have promised to deliver on the wedding day.
  • We will make sure nothing was left aside.
  • With you, we will prepare a wedding timing table. You will tell us all the things you want and at
  • We will then prepare a logistic program for vendors so they don’t overlap during setups.
  • We will help you with table assignments (if you are going to assign tables, that is)
  • And of course, you will count with all our coordinating staff on your wedding day, to make sure everything goes according to plan and to make sure all vendors deliver punctually all the services they promised upon contract signing.

Wedding Consultation

With our wedding consultation service, all we do is share our expertise and know-how with you during the planning process so you can avoid expensive and regretful mistakes. We work by sessions. Each session you can bring all your questions so that we can answer them and give you guidance and advice. No need for contract signing in this case. You only need to make an appointment.