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Why do I need a Coordinator on my Wedding day?
No one wants to “work” on their own party. By not hiring a coordinator, essentially that’s what you will be doing. There are endless details that can only be managed the “day of” an event, which leads to spoiling the chance to enjoy your event to it’s fullest. This becomes even more crucial when it’s a wedding. These are moments that cannot be recreated and they should not be spent wondering what time vendors are scheduled to arrive or taking care of eventual difficulties.

I don't need a coordinator. My friends and family offered to help.
Same here as the question before. Your friends and family will be working at your wedding and probably they will be missing moments that will not be recreated and that they should not spend working. Probably they will even be late to your wedding or miss the chance to get ready with you because they are taking care of details prior to the wedding and making sure everything is set and ready. You definitely don’t want your best friend, sister and/or mom to miss crucial moments with you and during your wedding. With professional help, you will be sure that everyone you care most is enjoying your wedding as you probably want them to.

Why would I need a Wedding planner to plan my entire wedding?
Let’s be honest here: times have changed and as the demands of our careers and personal lives continue to increase, we are left with less time to get everything done. The details that go into planning a wedding are numerous. Hundreds of hours are required to ensure a successful event from start to finish, to say the least. Many people find that they are unable to devote that kind of time into a wedding planning. The amount of stress that the right wedding planner can alleviate for their client is worth it’s weight in gold.

What does a Wedding Planner do?
A wedding planner can do a lot for you. For starters, a wedding planner can help you avoid expensive mistakes, a huge amount of time reducing the options for you upon your requests and necessities, reduce the amount of stress and guide you with their know-how acquainted during the years of experience. A Wedding Planner is a great asset to a wedding. You may have the dream and the vision, but it is their experience that will turn that dream into a reality.

Why should I hire Luxur Weddings Planning Service?
We believe strongly in the talents, professionalism and passion of our team. Our goal first and foremost is to make out of the wedding planning process a meaningful experience and to understand you and the vision you have for your wedding and ensure that you get what you want .  We pride ourselves on being the conductor that makes our clients dreams a reality.  Plus our expertise is enriched every year with conventions, fam trips, congresses and courses specialized in the wedding industry. We keep improving ourselves day by day to ensure that you will always have the best and the latest trends. Your satisfaction is second only to creating a meaningful experience for you and a great relationship with you.

How do you work?
We make everything tailored to you. Everything. —> to see how we work, take a look here.

How do you calculate your fees?
We work with a fixed fee that doesn’t change throughout the wedding planning process period. You can, though, choose which planning package you want or choose a-la-cartè services. Our fee doesn’t change according to how much you decide to spend on your wedding, whether is 10k or 100ok. When hiring us, we will adapt to your budget not the other way around.

What does change? Vendor fees. As we have a rich and wide directory of wedding vendors (all fully approved by Luxur Team) we can suggest vendors that adapt to your personality, demands and budget. After our initial complimentary meeting with you , we will be able to provide you a detailed proposal. The calculation of fees will be based on your specific needs. Every client is different, therefore, we strive to tailor vendor pricing and services individually. Please see our services page for a general understanding of our pricing structure.

My venue already has an on-site coordinator, why should I hire a wedding planner?
Venue coordinators are generally very good at what they do, however, their job is usually limited to catering and venue services only. The detailed management that goes into your event is multi-layered and reaches to every vendor you have contracted. We manage every vendor and every detail to ensure a flawless event.

My catering/banqueting includes an on-site coordinator, why should I hire a wedding planner?
Catering/Banqueting coordinators are generally just coordinating the reception vendors. They do not help you with your getting ready or the religious ceremony detailing. Nor do they help you with paperwork. Plus usually they don’t filter vendors to your taste and personality, they just advice you on the vendors they know. We help you all through the planning process and give you options of each vendor you will be needing so you can choose. On the wedding day, we will be beside you from the getting ready, during the ceremony and through the whole event making sure that everything goes according to plan. Let’s be honest, would you buy a pair of shoes from computer technician? of course not.

How to know which planner is best for me?
Our most honest advice? seek a planner with which you have good chemistry.  That is one of the main characteristics you want on a wedding planner. The other important aspects that you must seek on a wedding planner is their professionalism and their credentials. Make sure they belong to at least one wedding association. Check on wedding forums to see if they have any negative reviews. If in doubt, probably it’s not the right choice for you. If you are deciding among a couple of planners, ask for recommendations from former couples. That might help you.

What is your style?
Well, uhm… what is our style? The fact is that YOUR style will become our style. Our style will be “giving you what you want”. Nothing less.

Can you tell me about your wedding packages?
This is one of the most asked questions when contacting us. Our answer is always the same: WE DO NOT HAVE ANY PACKAGES. We do everything customized to YOU. Tailoring services is what we do. Every couple is unique, every wedding is unique and we thrive to keep it that way.

The only “packages” you will find with us is about wedding planning services, where you have all our services included. (wedding planning, coordination, consultation and design, all together.)

Where do you plan weddings?
As you can imagine, our main destinations for incoming destination weddings are Italy and Mexico. We have headquarters in both countries which make it easier for us to plan weddings in these two countries. But we have planned weddings & events all around the world, literally. It doesn’t matter where you are located, we will help you plan your wedding anywhere you want! Trust us, we’ve done it a million times!

Some of the most requested destinations so far are: Caribbean (Antigua, Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Cuba, Bahamas, Punta Cana), South America (Cartagena, Rio de Janeiro, Calafate), Tahiti (Bora Bora, Huaine, Moorea), Philippines( Boracay Island, Malapascua), Africa (Durban, Tanzania, Madagascar, Seychelles), Europe (Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, Santorini, Athens, Malta, Paris, Prague, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Côte d’Azur, London, among others)

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