cropped-luxur-for-wp-255x90.pngLUXUR Wedding Design + Planning Studio

Welcome to the creative world of LUXUR !

If you arrived here, it’s probably because you just got engaged… CONGRATULATIONS!

So you’ve got the ring… now what??

Probably you’ve noticed there is an ocean of wedding ideas, wedding blogs, wedding magazines and so on… Also, a huge amount of wedding planners and wedding vendors telling you how amazing they are and that they are your best option offering you a lot of services.
That, probably (and most surely) is getting you more confused, instead of helping you. Right?

Probably your question now is… Where do I start?
Don’t Panic! We’re here to help. 🙂

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Looking for all the vendors you will be needing and searching for all the elements requires tremendous hours of research, phone calls, inspection sites in venues, tons of appointments.. not to mention the breakdown of everything.
Now imagine if it’s a huge work on your country of residence, how would it be on a destination wedding where you don’t know the local vendors?

We will help you out all through-out the wedding planning process, making it a memorable planning experience.

How does “you save huge amounts of time, stress and expensive mistakes (and frustration) sound to you?

If you like it, then you might want to check us out!

What makes us DIFFERENT is not only our experience in the industry, but the passion that we put in all the wedding projects we help create!

With a variety of options our team is here to help you plan and design the wedding you have in mind, completely customized to you in every way not mattering where you stand in the planning process!

We have more than 15 years of experience in event design, planning and coordination.

We are based, both, in Italy and Mexico, which lets us help you in the best way on your Destination Wedding planning process. Plus we count with experience in the travel industry and have the privilege of working with established renowned professional travel agents and DMC’s.
It is hard for a young inexperienced bride even with all her motivation and enthusiasm, not to lose direction. If you will let us, we will show you our professionalism, reliability, quality and creativity. We want to help you trace your own personal direction towards your own unique wedding!